Oscars 2015

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Every film critic’s annual festival is the Oscars. It may not be as entertaining as the Golden Globes [ Love you Tina Fey-Amy Poehler] but the thing about Oscars is that it honors every aspect of film-making. My friend recently asked my opinion about this year’s Oscars. So here’s what I think. Neil Patrick Harris was an average host this time. His Birdman and Whiplash sequences as well as many of his sarcastic jokes were good but most of the jokes fell flat. Now, the winners.

Best Editing-Wrong. Should have gone to Boyhood. Whiplash’s editing was very good. But Sandra Adair edited 12 years of material and I am still not able to find a dull moment.

Best Sound Editing- Thumbs up to Alan Robert and Bub Asman. Brilliant work. Have to say Jason Canovas and Brent Burge did a awesome job in the Hobbit 3.

Best Live Action Short Film-The Phone Call was brilliant. Deserving winner.

Best Animated Short Film-You’re gonna love Feast whether you are dog lover or not.

Best Documentary Feature- Citizenfour is one of the best documentaries of all time. Awesome and brave decision by the Academy.

Best Makeup-Mark Coulier made all the characters look the … Wes way. Like out a beautiful painting.

Best Adapted Screenplay-For me it was either Graham Moore or Damien Chazelle. And that speech makes me thank the Academy for the decision.

Best Visual Effects- Interstellar. No questions asked.

Best Animated Feature Film-Worst decision ever. Let’s start with the Lego Movie. Awesome. Funny. And Liam Neeson playing good-cop bad cop. Has Batman,Gandalf and Channing Tatum. Okay, that it wasn’t nominated. (That’s why we have capital punishment.) But, Academy has displaced Joker as the greatest villain by giving it to Big Hero 6 rather than to How To Train Your Dragon 2 or The Tale Of Princess Kaguya. (And that folks is why people resort to terrorism.)

Best Original Song-Good choice by the Academy. Wouldn’t have minded if it had gone to ‘I’m Not Gonna Miss You’

Best Original Score- Would have preferred Alexandre Desplat winning it for The Imitation Game.

Best Original Screenplay-Academy says Birdman, polls said Boyhood. Both are wrong. It should have gone to Dan Gilroy for Nightcrawler. Such a brilliant and ingenious screenplay. One of the best I have encountered this year.

Best Cinematography- First of all, it should have gone to Whiplash or Boyhood. But, Academy’s sense of humour knows no bounds for they gave it to Birdman, rather than giving it to Robert Yeoman or Dick Pope. Wrong decision……….{Censored the cuss words myself}

Best Supporting Actress-Awesome decision. Patricia deserved it.

Best Foreign Film-Ida was a very good choice. Leviathan was very good too but it was too dark. But the Oscar should have gone to Force Majeure.

Best director-For me it was A.G.Inarittu or Richard Linklater. Birdman and Boyhood were both beautifully shot.

Best Supporting Actor-J.K.SIMMONS

Best Actress-Julianne Moore was brilliant but Felicity Jones’  performance was more awesome.

Best Actor-Micheal Keaton,Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne were all brilliant. Congratulations,Eddie! But shame on Academy for not nominating Jake Gyllenhaal. He was menacing, lithe and what not.

And now the Big Daddy, Best Picture- Birdman was a brilliant picture with a fabulous script and awesome performances. The Grand Budapest Hotel was wrongly nominated instead of Foxcatcher/Nightcrawler. But,the Oscar should have gone to Boyhood. It is a very heart warming movie which is perfect in every aspect and being a boy,I could relate to the movie a lot and I am sure that every other boy could too. And the ‘Let Me Go’ song fills your eyes. It was undoubtedly the best movie of the year and the Academy did a great mistake by giving the Oscar to Birdman or [ The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance] . You …………………………….. {CENSORED BY MYSELF}

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