Whiplash Review

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I am not gonna have my reputation tarnished by a bunch of limp dick, sour note, flatter than their girlfriends, flexible tempo dipshits – Terence Fletcher 

So everyone’s definitely heard about it. If you haven’t, then please go and live in Timbuktu.

Whiplash is about an aspiring jazz drummer Andrew Neiman who wishes to be one of the greats. He studies at Shauffer Music Conservatory and considers playing for the studio’s band will get him notice from Lincoln Center. One day, Andrew is picked by the studio band conductor Terence Fletcher to play for the studio band but once he begins to play for the studio band, he is put face to face with Fletcher’s abusive methods to achieve success and the movie transforms into a psychological battle between Andrew and Fletcher and the battle converts Andrew’s idea of success to defeating Fletcher.

I have always been a J.K.Simmons fan [ courtesy Growing Up Fisher ], therefore I watched it as soon as possible And like hell it didn’t disappoint. This film is brilliant right from the first scene where Miles Teller is practicing and J.K.Simmons comes in to the last scene in which Miles Teller ……………………… [ SPOILER]. The best way to describe Whiplash is this one line review by a critic ‘A muscular and accomplished work of kinetic cinema built around two tremendous acting performances’.  It is one of the best movies of all time according to me. If I ever make a 100 Great Movies List, Whiplash will be definitely on it.

J.K.Simmons is at his utmost best in this movie. He is the highlight of every scene that he features in, especially in the scene where he plays his ex-student Sean Casey’s music. He starts with an emotional look and then within few seconds transforms into a monster. The director of the movie, Damien Chazelle said in one of his interviews that when he approached Simmons for the role and Simmons agreed, he said to Simmons that ‘I don’t want to see a human there. I want to see a monster out there’ and that is exactly what J.K.Simmons gave him.

Miles Teller is notwithstanding. It is very unfortunate that his best performance to date was over-shadowed by Simmons. His performance is outstanding, especially in the scene where he decides to leave drumming.I also need to specially applaud Teller for he played those drums for real [he  is a self taught drummer] and believe it or not,the blood used on the set was real.

It an outstanding musical and is nerve-wracking. It is a musical drama but you can’t help but treat it like a psychological thriller. You are excited in every scene. It makes you cheer as well as swear. Damien Chazelle treats every scene differently and that makes it one hell of a watch.

I can’t stop but admiring the climax. It is one of the greatest scenes of all time in cinematic history. And something is really wrong with you if you don’t like this movie ( just kiddin’  ,but I am serious). The film is beautifully directed by Damien Chazelle. I really liked those miniscule zooms that Chazelle uses. But more than the direction I loved the script of this movie. It makes and breaks at perfect timing and is near-perfect. The cinematography is very unique and you can take snapshots of the movie which will turn out to be distinctive photography because it is shot in very dim light. This film deserved the Oscars except for Best Editing which should have gone to Boyhood.

There is no flaw in this movie.

After the movie I just wanted to stand up, cheer and just shout out, ‘Take that Fletcher! You ……. !’ But, after some time you will definitely end up loving both the characters. I watched Whiplash 3 times and am ready to watch it another million times more. And believe me, I am still air-drumming ! I conclude by saying that everyone should definitely watch this movie.[It is not recommended to aspiring drummers.] Whiplash is one of the best.

Rating:  9.6/10

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