Jurassic World: Just Think Of It As a Really Expensive Mash-Up of Jurassic Park & Deep Blue Sea

There is no Jurassic Park to me without Steven Spielberg as director. And it is just despicable how they are marketing this movie in the name of Steven Spielberg in the trailer.

We Minored in Film

Wouldn’t it be funny if they made a Jurassic Park movie in which nothing went wrong? What if they made an Adventureland-like drama focused on the love lives and coming of age stories among the Park’s young employees? Or something like Gareth Edwards’ Monsters which is essentially a road movie about a man and a woman falling in love in a world in which CGI monsters occasionally pop up in the background? Or maybe instead of Wally World the Griswolds in the new Vacation movie are on their way to Jurassic Park, and they again arrive on a weekend when the park is closed but force a John Candy-esque security guard to let them in?

Yeah, but if they did any of those ideas it wouldn’t really be a Jurassic Park movie, would it? First there was a park where shit went down (Jurassic Park), Newman got…

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