Flight Plan – A Rant Review

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                                 Have you seen my daughter ? – Kyle Pratt

Robert Schwentke’s Flight Plan is about Kyle Pratt (Jodie Forster) an aeronautical engineer who is heading from Berlin to New York with her daughter Julia (Marlene Lawston) to bury her husband. But after three hours of sleep, Kyle notices that her daughter Julia, who was sleeping with her in the next seat is missing and everyone in the flight claim that the child was never on board. So, Julia begins a search against time in the limited space of the airport while the crew question her sanity.

So, I began watching the Blu-Ray collection that I have three days ago. I re-watched the Sixth Sense, then Up in the Air, then Juno and today I was faced with a dilemma of choosing between Flightplan and (500) Days of Summer and as I had already watched two rom-coms, Juno and Up in the Air, I decided to go with the thriller one. And while the crew in the flight was questioning Jodie Foster’s sanity, I was trying to question mine. This movie has a brilliant base of a plot. A girl goes missing at 37000 feet and no one wants to admit that they ever saw the girl. And that is exactly why I got it on Blu-Ray.

The movie stars Ned Stark and Clarice Starling and the cast of the awesome television series The Killing. And they all fail to deliver. Marlene Lawston is required to bring out our emotions, but after seeing her performance, I would have thrown her out of the goddamned flight myself.

Gear up people, you are going to be see things that you have never seen before : a parent trying to search for her child, sex in the plane cliche, references to schizophrenia, and the main gal / guy appealing to the emotional side of the criminal’s sidekick before attacking them off guard. Prepare for a villain as vicious as Joker himself for he is laughing and trying to give Jodie Foster the chills even after being smacked on the face by a fire extinguisher and the fact that his 50 million dollar plan was a piece of complete crap. Experience the so-complicated plot plan that makes even Ocean’s 12 look plausible.

Gear up to the score that is composed as if it is not meant for hearing. And analyze the mysterious Kyle who looks scared to shit even before her child goes missing. A movie so idiotic that the main villain gives Kyle the perfect route to find her daughter. Why didn’t I just watch that flick with the Golden Globe nomination and that gal from New Girl ? I have flaked Academy wins and nominations many times, but this time I raise my voice against the Razzies. Where have you been, Razzie guys ? Or what if ……………… even they skipped the movie ?

Flightplan has brilliant actors giving horrible performances, a very complicated plot that gets so complicated that it gets idiotic and is not for the general public to watch. I any of you have any sins that you want to repent for, watch this movie.

Was this that flick Obama ordered for the entertainment of Guantanamo inmates ? Yeah, I think so.

Rating : 0.4 / 10

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