Juno Review

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The best thing that you can do is find a person who loves you exactly for what you are – Mac MacGuff

Jason Reitman’s Juno is about 16 year old teenager (Juno) who gets pregnant after hooking up with her boyfriend Paulie Bleeker (Micheal Cera). But, Juno does not want to kill the child for the mistake that she made, and her friend Leah (Olivia Thirlby) suggest that she find a couple for the adoption of the baby by going through the ads in the Penny Saver. Juno does find the couple that she is looking for – Lorings, consisting of a desperate Vanessa (Jennifer Garner) whose only aim in life is to become a mother and Mark (Jason Bateman) a failed rock star who seems to go well along with Juno. The movie also focuses at the impact of the pregnancy on Juno’s family, with her supportive father Mac MacGuff (J.K.Simmons) and dog-loving-step-mother Bren MacGuff (Allison Janey). The movie also takes on the increasing awkwardness in Paulie and Juno’s relationship after the news of the pregnancy breaks out.

I have already mentioned that Ellen Page will surely become one of the greatest actresses of our time and this is undoubtedly her best performance that I have seen. She is fabulous in her role as Juno. Page gets it all right. She is perfect in all the scenes, whether it be emotional or funny. Just like Mellisa Mc’Carthy, Page has superb timing while delivering her dialogues. She deserved an Oscar for this role. Micheal Cera’s character is scared to shit because that’s the way Paulie Bleeker is, a scared wimpy kid in his nature and the fact that the bravado Juno is his girlfriend doesn’t help. He is brilliant in his role and is very lovable. J.K. Simmons and Aliison Janey together ! They are awesome in their roles. Olivia Thirlby is also stupendous as Juno’s best friend and Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner are super-realistic as the couple trying to get ready for the child.

Juno is one of the most intelligent, heartwarming and funniest scripts of this decade. This movie has a near-perfect screenplay which could have been a total failure if it had been any other actress as Juno expect Ellen Page. She knows when to go over the top and even though she does that, she doesn’t get her character to look like a maniac. The movie begins at snail’s pace but hits the 5th gear soon and at the right time and the humor in this movie is superb but it required one thing – timing and Page gave it just that.

The movie is directed by the guy who directed the awesome Up in the Air for which I have posted a review which you can check out. The direction is brilliant. Juno could have either been a cheesy rom com but it became a rom-com that was prodigious from the awesome opening credits to the befitting climax. And one more thing to notice is how much Wes Anderson’  has influenced movies. If you look at the scenes in which Juno and Max travel to the Lorings, you may wonder if this flick is directed by Wes.

The movie is very heart-warming and is one of the best written and acted out romantic comedies of all time and Juno is one of the best cinematic characters. The one thing that is very under appreciated about the movie is its brilliant score. This score of this movie isn’t constituted of themes, it is constituted of Kimya Dawson songs primarily, a style which has been missing for many years. Another such movie was Pulp Fiction which didn’t have an original score. The songs were suggested by Page herself because she felt Juno would listen to such songs, and whether Juno does that or not I do not know, but I certainly do after watching the flick. The movie has beautiful songs at the perfect timing and it just adds to the appeal of the movie.

Juno has a brilliant plot which is infused with realistic performances by the actors. This is one of the movies which can actually tell such a serious plot in a humorous and heart warming way which makes us really involved with the character. The movie presents brilliant views about love in charisma and though the movie begins at snail pace, it is a rom-com treat.

Rating : 8.8 / 10

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