(500) Days Of Summer Review

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Do you ever do this, you think back on all the times you’ve had with someone and you just replay it in your head over and over again and you look for those first signs of trouble?
– Tom Hansen

Marc Webb’s (500) Days of Summer (yes, the punctuation is required) is about Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) a greeting card writer who believes that everyone finds true love. But, then comes Summer (Zoey Deschanel) a new employee at his company who believes that there is no such thing as love. And they embark on a relationship which eventually ends in a break-up but changes the views of both Tom and Summer.

After Whiplash, this is the only movie that I gave a standing ovation to. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zoey Deschanel’s performances are headline-worthy. They just rock ! I have always been a fan of Zoey after watching ‘New Girl’ and Joseph did give us the hilarious ’50/50′, but they have never been so good.

The movie begins with Summer breaking up with Tom and follows Tom recounting his pleasant and unpleasant experiences with Summer. The movie is so thoughtful that is it shows itself just like a break up. You remember all the good memories first and get emotionally attached to them and then remember the times when everything went wrong. Never have I seen such a thoughtful and mature romantic movie like (500) Days of Summer. Many of you may wonder why I am putting that crappy punctuation again and again. Because many it is the essence of the movie. Like the tagline said, ‘This is a story of boy meets girl but it is not a love story’. Many critics argued that the movie was sort of depressing. I don’t know they found such a hilarious movie to be depressing but if they did, it was meant to be. Because it is about the definitive 500 days that Tom spent with Summer and how they changed each other’s views.

The movie is one of the most funniest rom-coms ever made. The movie was well supplemented by the hilarious narration and the musical vibe Webb had bestowed in it. The movie is unconventional, yes and I like such movies who like to experiment. Who wants to see that same crap over and over again ? Scenes such as the party scene in which Tom’s imagination and reality are shown side by side are superb and fascinating and are given a firm stand by the beautiful score and songs such as the Hero song in that scene. And there is a scene in which Clark Gregg’s character Vance is having a conversation with Levitt’s character Tom about his recent greeting cards and that according to me is one of the best comedic scenes shot in this century and even thinking about the dialogues in that scene still makes me laugh.

The movie has superb cinematography which changes according to the vibe of the movie, which the movie has many. The editor should be lauded because most of the movies below 100 minutes running time usually feel like they are missing something but every scene is relevant in this movie. And sometimes there are some scenes that feel unnecessary like Tom’s friends talking about love but they all come together at the end of the movie. Ah yes, the end. The movie just present its view about love so insightfully like a scientist presents his thesis for a doctorate. The end reflects how the views of the leads change throughout the movie and although the relationship does end in a breakup, it forever changes both of their lives. And even then, Webb cares about us, the audience, and makes sure that he gives us an ending which guarantees that we will leave the cinema hall with a smile on our faces. He also ensures that we don’t leave thinking that Summer is a bitch, it is just that she wasn’t ready for that relationship and the experience with Tom will, I think, make her marriage successful and even if you think Summer’s a bitch, Tom did get a happy ending at the end, so no problem.

(500) Days of Summer is the smartest and one of the most wittiest romantic comedies ever made and will surely penetrate through every idea that the viewer has about love in a beautiful and unconventional method (and once again reminding you, don’t forget the punctuation.)

Rating : 9.4 / 10

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