Things (Really) Wrong With Comedy Sitcoms

Featured image So, I just realized that I am not talking about sitcoms as much as I want to on my blog. Also, I noticed that most of the movies that I have reviewed on the blog have received a 9 plus rating which may have given the wrong message that I love every movie that I watch. Believe me, I don’t. If you want proof, go check out my Flightplan review in which I bashed that horrible flick which still gives me nightmares. The thing is that those movies deserve it. The ratings that I give is sort of a promise that I publish, that I stand by this movie/sitcom and will never change my views about it. So, to bring in some negativity in here, I thought I could point out the flaws that has embedded itself deep in the heart of my favourite genre comedy.

1. THE DIALOGUES Featured image Has anyone of you watched the sitcom ‘Exes’ ? I hope you haven’t because it is horrible. It is just hell bent on cliches. One thing that makes comedy the most artistic of all is it capacity to expand beyond the infinities. Come on, we see a hundred comic things happening all around us. Yet, a sitcom like Exes just tries to reproduce what all the previous sitcoms has done. There is absolutely no originality in dialogues. These are the same jokes being repeated again and again and again. There is no fun in them anymore.

2. THE CHARACTERS Featured image A womanizer, a weird guy, a over the top dumb girl. Haven’t we seen that in Friends and The Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls already ? And there is always this goddamned couple who you know are gonna come together in the end. Just burn them at stake. We have these same characters that we see in every sitcom. The character development is horrible. For eg. take Friends. It sort of takes some time for Rachel to fit in the group. There is no originality in the characters. And heck with the to be together couple, there is in every sitcom a guy who is facing financial problems. Kramer in Friends, then it was Joey in Friends, like how is Kramer able to afford a hot tub machine and how is Joey able to pay the monthly rent even though he is work less almost every time in the sitcom ? Well, the first thing to do is treat it like a drama too. These are characters that the audience wants to connect or relate with, and not just get a few laughs. Sheldon Cooper has become God for nerds, Rachel Greene has become God for fashionistas and Holly Brooks has become…………. technically nothing. Wait, do you even know who is Holly Brooks? Exactly my point. (And really we don’t need a teenager who is on the phone always)

3. THE ACTIONS Featured image Let’s all stand up and clap for Louie C.K. The man has brought back the actions that made us laugh every time. That feeling of distress and ambigiousity on his face whenever his character unleash their weirdness onto him is unforgettable and gets the biggest laughs. Everything can be used to make you laugh. Especially there is a scene in Season 3 of Louie when he auditions for The Tonight Show and is given a prep performance the manager and Louie is looking on the man on the stage and the shot tape simultaneously and it is so hilarious. We have all seen the characters dive into a break dance in between their chores, so just stop.

4. LAUGHING TRACK Featured image Woody Allen’s Annie Hall had a scene which touches upon this matter hilariously. Why do we need a laughing track in a comedy sitcom ? See a one like Sports Night needs it. It is a drama series and people do need a sort of reminder to appreciate the comic moments because they are juggling in the dramatic elements. But, we do we need it in Seinfeld ? It sort of feels like the makers think that the audience is so dumb that they need to understand when to laugh and when to not. It also feels as if we have a moral obligation to laugh even though we don’t feel like it just because the maker felt it was funny. A new wave has fortunately arrived with shows like The Goldbergs, The Middle and Modern Family not opting for it. Thank God ! So, I just hope somebody reads this and makes a sitcom which doesn’t have any of the before mentioned elements. I hope this post has acted as a sort of a medium of your views as well. If it hasn’t please let me know and if you have any counterpoints please inform me of that too. You can also post any other points against comedy sitcoms and if you want me write about any such topic regarding movie or sitcoms, please say so because I will be happy to so. Signing off !

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