Will You Guys Just Stop Spoiling Game Of Thrones For Me ? ( Contains some spoilers because some plot-spoiling idiots spoiled it for me )

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I love the internet. I think it is the single greatest invention in the past 1000 years or something. It is the most effective and cheapest way of connecting with the world. But will you guys just stop spoiling the supposed greatest sitcom ever made for me ! It is MA, and I have decided to begin to watch it as soon as as I turn 16. But by that time, I would have known the whole freaking plot.

I love the opening credits and in my very short experience I have found that most of the shows which have an awesome opening sequence turns out to be good. Sherlock, Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, X-Files, they all rock. And the opening sequence itself radiates so much epicness that I couldn’t subdue my desire to watch it, which I didn’t pervs, so stop laughing ! I instead began with the books and finished the first one and have begun with the second one as well but thanks to those vicious selfish demons with a freaking laptop/computer/mobile I already know Catelyn Stark is not in season 4, Jon Snow dies, Sansa Stark gets raped, Joffrey Baratheon dies (son of a bitch deserved to die, but at least I would have preferred to know it myself ). Everything is spoiled for me.

The internet owns me, I think. I can’t help it. These spoilers just pop out from anywhere. While reading articles, while watching videos, literally when I do anything, I think. It feels as if somebody is throwing freaking darts at me every time I use this goddamned internet. I can’t help it. What do you suppose I should do ? Sit with my butt on this surprisingly comfortable chair watching movies and reviewing them. These guys just won’t stop. They are like ‘ I have to watch this first and spoil this for everyone else out there’. I don’t why they do that. The experience of watching something like this is unbelievable for a television watcher and these guys won’t just let other guys experience the same thing that they feel when they watch this game of deceit being set into motion before their own eyes.

Solution : I freaking need you right now ISOC. Just censor everything that I can see and remove all the Game of Thrones stuff from it. And to all those guys out there, just invent some software called Game of Thrones Protection or some carp like that which sends a notification to you whenever you open something GOT related saying ‘Game of Thrones Spoiler. Open at your own risk.’

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