Superhero Movie Cliches & Why They Are (Unfortunately) Important

Featured image Superheroes do end up giving something to the audience.

It is disgust sometimes, sometimes it marvel, and lot more. I hate them. Yet, I watch every superhero movie hoping that there will be one like The Dark Knight again. My hopes have been shattered again and again as well but one of the most fascinating and amusing fact that I noticed after watching many of them was that they are so much cliched !

So I list out 5 cliches that we can all find in all the superhero flicks released till now. Hope you enjoy :

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1. TRAUMATIC CHILDHOOD : We all remember young Bruce Wayne crying near his dead parents’  bodies in Batman Begins. A man with a traumatic childhood now-a-days has a 10 % chance of becoming a superhero, because that is one of the qualities required to be a superhero and also because they are making so many of these movies (an ant, really!) Peter Parker had to witness the death of Uncle Ben. Superman was the only survivor from Krypton and Bruce Banner had to withstand an alcoholic father. These incidents later mould the character to become a stronger person and teach them to stand up for themselves.

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2. A REALLY CRAPPY LOVE LIFE : We get it guys, superheroes are not dating material ! Unfortunately, all the gals that superheroes date are too demanding. How could they be that ? A guy is trying to save the lives of millions and still spend time with you, but you are not appreciative about that ? Moreover, these hot other halfs always end up extending the running time of the crappy movies because while saving the lives of millions, superheroes also have to save their girlfriends from their kidnappers too. This formula is the most used one actually. Most awesome relationship would be if Natasha and Bruce Banner hit it off because they are well capable of protecting themselves, but Joss Whedon just wouldn’t let that happen !

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3. SUPERHEROES ARE FOLLOWERS OF M.K.GANDHI’S PRINCIPLES : Mahatma Gandhi always advocated non – violence, but the saviors of the Earth have taken that too seriously. None of the strongest men on the planet kill the freaking villains. They take the morally righteous way in regards with justice. But, why ? Batman could have killed the Joker so easily in the end. Yet he left him with policemen. In Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway is reminded of the only supposed Batman rule ‘No guns, no Killing’. So, you can cost the state millions and millions of dollars, but you can’t kill the person responsible for it ?

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4. THERE IS ALWAYS A WISE GUY : Every superhero who has had his own independent feature movie has a mentor by his side who just makes awesome quotes out of thin air. In reality, they are the biggest liars and could easily have been politicians, because their words, and how much inspiring they may be, are lies, but they shower our guy with so much hope that he gets strong again to fight these high-paid villains. One more thing, expect for the Dark Knight trilogy, nobody really explains where these villains get such a huge financial remuneration from.

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5 . THE BUDGET HAS TO BE PLUNDERED : Except for the Dark Knight trilogy, every other superhero movie has made full use of its visual effects by destroying cities as if they are a sand castle that I made on the beach. No one really explains where these cities get fund from to repair all these damages, because it takes a year or two to get a road built here in Mumbai. After such collateral destruction, these cities look like New York city on New Year’s Eve in the next movie. Most freaking irritating thing is when you go to watch such movies in 3-D. First of all, there are very few three dimensional moments in these movies, and in the ones having them, it is rocks coming on your face. Instead of saving the Earth, these guys just end up causing a destruction of a scale, due to which the economy will have a hard time to get back to normal. But where the heck do they care about money? That is also why I think Nolan ended the trilogy with Dark Knight Rises. He knew he had caused such a destruction that by the time Gotham will recuperate, Bruce Wayne will be as old as Alfred Pennyworth !

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I hate cliches, but there is something about these superhero movie cliches that I have a moral obligation to clarify. We all aspire at some point of our lives that we should have been born as Superman, Peter Parker, or Bruce Wayne and so on. But these cliches like traumatic childhood and complicated love lives show us that these guys are not perfect. They are broke in reality and they had to or are still going through a lot in their real lives. Just because they have super strength, doesn’t mean they are always happy. These cliches show us that it is not fun to be like these guys, as we think it is to be.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading about these undeniable cliches. Do you have some other cliches in your mind that you have noticed ? Would you like me to write about something related to movies and sitcoms ? Would you like me to review any movies/sitcoms ? If so, let me know in the comments.

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  1. I don’t watch many superhero movies but I really enjoyed reading your erudite and witty analysis of the pervasive Hollywood cliché code.
    From reading your site I’d say we have quite different tastes in film, which is a shame because I’d love to read your thoughts on some of my favourite movies. Maybe one day.

    Liked by 1 person

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