IMDb’s TOP 250 TV !!!!!!

IMDb has launched the new ‘Top 250 TV’ list which was a much required follow-up to its Top 250 Movies list. It is a glorious milestone in the history of television. I am so freaking happy ! Television is getting the recognition is finally sort of getting the recognition it deserved so badly.

Almost all my favourite sitcoms are part of this list. Special thanks to IMDb for its decision to include animes as well which has given CodeGeass, Cowboy Bebop and Death Note to be part of this glory.

The bandwagon is headed by the 2001 war drama Band Of Brothers and is completed by The Soup. The most fun and nostalgic moment was when I saw Are You Afraid Of The Dark ? on the list. This was the show that I basically grew up watching and got me interested in the psychological thriller genre, which eventually culminated into a healthy obsession with Sir Alfred Hitchcock.

Television has the stronger power to connect with the audience, in my opinion. Movies run 100 minutes or something and then leave you but these sitcoms stay with you longer because of the time they take to tell the story. Every character becomes your friend, enemy or something else but each one of these characters end up sharing your home turf.

I owe a lot to many of the shows on the list. They made me laugh, cry, and most of all, helped get up when I was low and are the inception of my love towards Hollywood movies.

Here’s a toast to The Simpsons, the first English sitcom I ever watched and to Impractical Jokers, whose episode I watched an hour ago and to everything in between. And fun fact, both The Simpsons and Impractical Jokers are on the list.

Cheers to this golden age of television.


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