A Memoir About A Best Friend – Robin Williams

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I was watching Star World one day and suddenly an advertisement pops up and a scene from the sitcom ‘The Crazy Ones’ is playing. And then it shows scenes of Good Will Hunting, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Fisher King, Dead Poets Society, Hook and finally concludes with ‘Goooooooooooood Morning Vietnam !’ and shows ‘THANK YOU ROBIN WILLIAMS 1951-2014’. And, my eyes were transfixed on the screen with utter shock. Completely shaken, I looked at the newspapers and there on the third page was an article titled ‘FROM MORK TO ALADDIN, WILLIAMS MADE THE WORLD LAUGH’ and I cried. One of the greatest shocks of lives had overtook me. My Robin was dead. The guy who inspired me, the guy who made my laugh, the guy who made me cry, he was gone.

Robin Williams is one of the greatest actors of all time. And he had an unshaken influence over me. I always considered Robin as one of my best friends. I heard Robin’s voice in Aladdin first. And his impersonations and his one-liners and everything about the Genie made me laugh. He was the best-friend I always wanted. Not just the wish giving part, but a friend who gives assistance in getting a girl, going through hard times and also makes me laugh, it was a dream.

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Next, I saw Good Morning Vietnam. What a movie ! Robin Williams’  rapid-fire improvisations along with his impersonations and that legendary quote made it one hell of an experience. Williams deserved an Oscar for that role and Academy once again messed up. Robin made us cry and laugh and even showed us the horrors of the war through that classic.

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Next was Dead Poets Society. I cried so much during that movie. It was so inspiring. That thought about seizing the day has still got me. The scene in which all the students stand up in the climax on their benches and shout ‘Oh Captain ! My Captain !’. I was left crying throughout that scene. The way he got to those students, defending them from getting crushed by their parents’  ambitions. He gave them hope and made them love education. He was the teacher I always hoped for. Not a teacher, but a friend of his students.

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And then came Good Will Hunting. A movie as flawless as it gets. My dude Chris Stuckmann was brought back into life during a difficult phase by this movie and I love it for that. This movie is a classic and will definitely make you cry. Such a brilliant performance by Williams. He is so good, especially that scene when Sean says to Will that it is not his fault, I could not stop sobbing. Williams deserved an Oscar for that role & he got it. I always wished I had someone like that who I could talk to about my interests and my passions and my life and he would be such a awesome listener. The movie discusses so many issues and tackles it in such an inspiring way.

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Robin Williams was would do anything as long as it kept the audiences happy. He was the only guy out there who really wanted to see a smile on everyone’s faces. He was one of the best human beings ever born. He is one of the very few celebrities I respect and love and adore and idolize. He inspired us all and made us laugh and I think our laughter was the power that he required to survive. Like Obama said ‘ Robin Williams came into our lives as an alien but ended up touching every human element ‘. Robin will be missed as long as cinema will sustain and Robin’s movies will continue to make us cry, laugh and  get inspired. Robin Williams was more than a man, he was hope himself. One of God’s most precious gifts to the world.


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