Spectre Review

Bond is back ! In this new Sam Mendes helmed Bond film, James Bond (Daniel Craig) returns, this time to fight the evil organisation from ‘From Russia With Love’ called as S.P.E.C.T.R.E. In this movie, light is thrown over the inception of previous Bond villains and also the unhappy endings of Bond girls and how they are all connected to Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) while Bond tries to grapple between the connection between him and Oberhauser and also tries to save the life of Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux).

What I have loved about the re-invention of Bond series with Daniel Craig as lead is that they are dark and try to break away from the usual norms and traditions of making Bond movies while shedding light on James Bond’s personal life, i.e. humanize him as much as possible. Spectre is much on the lines of Quantum of Solace. No, the quality of the film is way above that crap, whose only highlight was Stana Katic’s cameo appearance. But, this is more of a traditional Bond film. Skyfall and Casino Royale were hardcore action movies which were realistic. Even the action was downplayed and it developed more as a thriller and completely abstained from using gadgetry which had plundered Bond movies during Pierce Brosnan’s time as 007. But this movie has its share of gadgets.

This is pure, sheer fun from the seductive elevator sequence in the start to bridge sequence in the climax. It begins with a bang. Literally because Bond gets into an elevator with a girl, they check into a room, girl lies on bed in a provocative pose while Bond slips away and blasts a building , chases a man who gets into a helicopter and then there is a fight sequence in the helicopter in which Bond throws the man and the pilot onto the ground and gets away. Not bad for a start, is it ?

Spectre has its dark moments as well and does act as a good boost for the previous Bond films. Each Bond film, like the Mad Max series, used to stand on its own, but this movie does require some knowledge about the previous Bond movies to comprehend it and I love that because I have watched all the previous Bond films. But this could provide as a party- pooper for many who aren’t acquainted with Bond’s previous repertoires. The humour is, I won’t say low, there is a hilarious sequence involving a rat, but not as much as I wanted it to be. I think it should have been more like Skyfall which made fun of the silliness of the previous Bond movies.

Now there is a sub-plot which I think could have been edited out of the movie, since it doesn’t affect the outcome of the story in much ways just like the presence of Indiana Jones in The Raiders of the Lost Ark, but since it involves Jim Moriarty, no complaints !

Daniel Craig is superb as 007 and so is Lea Seydoux as Swann but the spotlight definitely belonged to Christoph Waltz’s performance which is terrifying. Another problem of the movie is that although it gave Waltz’s character a terrific entrance, it never gives enough time for Waltz to capitalise on his character. He is awesome but time is not devoted for the villain as much as it should have been like it was done in Skyfall for Silva.

Hoyte Van’s cinematography is just mind-blowing. I was greatly disappointed that Roger Deakins wasn’t gonna be a part of this movie, since Skyfall was just an orgasm to the eyes, but Hoyte Van, who has movies like Her (the best looking movie of this decade) to his credentials makes up pretty well for it. Thomas Newman’s score wasn’t as good as Skyfall’s but I didn’t mind. See, this is the problem, Skyfall and Casino Royale were so exemplary that we can’t accept superb movies like this.

Spectre is pure, sheer entertainment from the first to the last and though it is on the lines of traditional Bond movies, it is well worth its price because of the cinematography and Waltz’s stirring performance. Hell, the ticket’s price is worth it just when that Bond theme plays and Bond enters.

Rating : 8 / 10

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