Top 10 Movies Of 2015

It is the end of the year and this is my list for the best of 2015. Many releases won’t be featured because I haven’t watched them yet, and many won’t be featured because they haven’t released in India yet, and some 2014 releases maybe featured because they released in India in 2015. Let’s move straight to it :-

10. Baahubali – The Beginning

It is cheesy, over-the-top, melodramatic, but hell fun ! It has all the touches of becoming a superb fantasy flick. It is one of the few movies I think can resonate in the same way in the West as it does here.

9. Mad Max – Fury Road

This is the most insane movie ever, but I loved it. It had everything going for it, a brilliant performance by Charlize Theron, superb non-CGI action sequences, brilliant cinematography, adrenalin pumping score and the guy on the truck playing a guitar which spits out fire. What’s not to like ?

8. Baby

This Neeraj Pandey directed blockbuster has the narrative speed of an asteroid. Halfway through the movie, you are panting, confused and bedazzled. And there comes a plot twist ! Imagine Argo meets Sicario, that’s the atmosphere Baby generates.

7 . Piku

It made me feel the same way I felt after watching Up In The Air. it has no closure, it demands no closure. It is a beautiful story of connecting to the roots and preserving our culture in midst of all hurries intertwined with the joys and sorrows of a dysfunctional family. Heart warming.

6. Drishyam

This gritty remake of one of my favourite movies of all time, exceeded my expectations. It got the tense atmosphere of the original right, and the unflagging pace of the narrative right, even the performances by Tabu and Ajay were scintillating. And that score is one to die for !

5 .Premam

I haven’t laughed so hard in a movie theatre since the release of 3 Idiots, as much as I did while watching Premam. Oodling of an innocent appeal, the movie is a dark comedy about the protagonist’s life told through his romances with three women, but what it also does is a paint a portrait of the changing India while being a non-stop laugh riot.

4. Oru Vadakkan Selfie

Two movies came out in 2015 that attempted to educate and entertain – The Big Short and Oru Vadakkan Selfie. It started off as a hilarious movie with one liners to croon for but then suddenly starts taking the form of a tense thriller. It is hilarious, and yet educates us about the evil called cyber crime. What a masterpiece ! This could even work as an audio-book.

3. Court

There are no protagonists in Court, nor does the story have a beginning or an end. It doesn’t even have a protagonist. The movie flows through the case of Narayan Kamble, sometimes grappling onto it, sometimes paying no heed to it. It urges us to look at the bigger picture, the changing dynamics of the Indian society and the flaws in the judiciary system while also question our morality. And it is way witty. Shame it couldn’t garner an Oscar nomination.

2. The Imitation Game

I found a connection to this movie. There are different ways to analyse this movie. It works as a drama, it works as a period movie, it works a World War II movie, it works as a thriller, it works as a biography. But mostly, it’s about the struggle of an introvert who uses a turn point in history to fill a void in his life left open from childhood. And that performance by Cumberbatch in the climax brings me to tears every time. And this would have been the best of 2015, if it wasn’t for another movie which looked at a story in a way never attempted before, which is :-

  1. The Theory Of Everything

To look at the story of Stephen Hawking in a Nicholas Sparks way is a visionary genius in itself. The Imitation Game moved me to tears in the climax, but The Theory Of Everything had me crying at the smallest and insignificant of scenes and quotes. It was the most romantic movie of this decade and even after watching it nine times, I haven’t fully savoured it. And to be honest, I do not think I ever will. To be more honest, I do not want to.

When you walk out of the the cinema hall, mind-blown, amazed and with a feeling of sadness that the movie ended, that is when you know you have seen a great movie. Share your Top 10 lists of 2015 as well guys. And wish you a Happy New Year ! And do check out my mentor Mark Hobin’s list of best of 2015 as well :-

Thank You !




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