TVF Pitchers Review

Over the years, many sitcoms have shaped the way of my life. First would be Castle which was my sole support of entertainment in my otherwise bucolic and institutionalized existence, and still is. Sherlock, which clearly re-defined the limitations I had set to the content and the production value of sitcoms with its cinematic aura, overshadowing even its blockbuster counterparts, and now comes another one, called Pitchers.

Pitchers is about four individuals. First is Naveen Bansal (Naveen Kasturia) who is dejected with his job after not being sent to lead his team in Rio even after his hard work on the project. Next is Jitendra Maheshwari (Jitendra Kumar) who has got a promotion, but is perturbed about the work satisfaction he derives from his high paying yet boring job. Next is Yogendra Pandey (Anurabh Kumar) who has no problems with his job, but will support his best friends resolutely in whatever venture they embark on. And the last is Saurabh Mandal (Abhay Mahajan) a marketing head who just wants to be accepted as the fourth member in the trio and will go to any lengths for it. And then, they leave their jobs to pursue their start up venture, and struggle with getting funds, convincing their family about their idea and moreover, the tension between the group.

I hate Indian television. It fucking sucks. It is the most clich├ęd piece of crap ever, and I would prefer watching Fant4stic rather than Indian sitcoms. And here comes a sitcom which changes my whole perception.

This is high intellectual content and whoever dismissed it on national and international front as a waste of time considering it was one of those Indian sitcoms, is ignorant to the zenith. It is the best underdog story ever.

Tackling with issues such as the nature of entrepreneurship in India can be tricky. But these guys have done it it ‘PERFECTLY’. And it is not just relatable to engineers. it is about life itself. It is about following your dreams no matter what happens, it is about trying and trying and trying, no matter happens, never giving up. It is exuberantly flashes modern India to its full extent and unapologetically, for it has an unstoppable stream of cuss words which I generally despise, but cherish in this mini-series.

It maintains the right balance between drama and comedy. The way it moves has an emotional toll on you. One of the reasons I avoid watching sitcoms is that you end up getting too emotionally attached to it. I loved every milli-second of Pitchers and that scene in which Naveen and …… (spoiler) bid adieu in the finale, brought me to tears.

The dialogues are superb. There is no melodrama affiliated with them. And it is a rapid fire of one-liners and cringe worthy dialogues. Pitchers has had a negative influence on me, I am not gonna lie. I have begun abusing very badly but, fuck I don’t mind it. And there is a scene in the finale where Jeetu delivers the greatest and most coolest line in television history according to me and I am still repeating it per day.

The acting is fabulous. With Naveen and Jitendra handling the dramatic elements while Abhay and Anurabh handle the comical elements. It is the most engaging mini-series I have ever seen in my entire life, and you will definitely end up binge watching it once you check out the pilot.

The music is awesome ! I loved the opening sequence and my playlist is filled with songs from Pitchers. The cinematography is beautiful, especially that sequence in the airport. I have always loved the lights there, having visited it once. And the way it is used to light the scene, wow !

Now I have always considered the fact that movie makes an impact if it makes you think, but a sitcom or mini-series should make you act. Positive influences :- I have faith in Indian television. I have decided that I will pursue my career in cinema as a cinematographer. I decided to tell my crush about (you know what, and no details without money please). I began studying hard like hell, and I still am. And I decided never to give up. Negative Influences :- I am abusing as if I write Scorsese’s screenplays.

TVF Pitchers is my all time favourite show (tied with Sherlock) and it seems it will remain that way. With cringe worthy dialogues, a superb script, awesome performances, and a stupendous soundtrack, …………………….. it is freaking awesome, just watch it.