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Thanks to all those wonderful (IRRITATING!) people on Facebook, many you you may also have got numerous reposts of a photo with a cute girl and a boy(depressing) stating ‘Can A Boy And A Girl Be Best Friends Without Falling In Love ?’ What If examines the same question. It is about Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) who falls in love with Chantry (Zoe Kazan), his best friend and has to choose one of these options – Tell her and potentially cause collateral damage to their friendship or shut up and regret not telling her rest of her life.

Often touted as Toronto’s (500) Days Of Summer, What If is an adorable romantic comedy. Is it relatable ? Well, to some portions (unless you have gone skimpy-dipping with your best friend who is a girl) Is it cheesy ? Well, not in most the portions (except for the fact that anyone can predict the ending) But, to be really honest, Kazan and Radcliffe make up for all that and more.

The chemistry is undoubtedly the movie’s MVP because there is a certain breeziness to it. For a fact, all the actors seem to be enjoying themselves. The dialogue presentation is fabulous. Best example may be a conversation between Wallace and Chantry where they discuss the amount of feces in the intestines of celebrities when they died. Every dialogue of that scene looks improvised on spot and the way the actors carry themselves is commendable.

I like movies which think out-of-box. Isn’t that what art is all about ? A mirror to our own personal lives. And that is where this movie errs. As much as I hate to admit it, I have faced the same dilemma Wallace faced a long time ago and to be honest, it isn’t this much fun. I love that the director gives prominence to conversations between Allan (Adam Driver) and Wallace. However, they are sparse in length.

What If struggles with a lot of things. First is the lack of humor. The humor works only because Kazan and Radcliffe are comedic gold here, otherwise the writing isn’t strong at all. What If struggles with its core from inception, of whether it should be a comedy or a drama. And it appears to have become a dramedy, and I do love dramedys, but only when they are meant to be one. The whole plot is structured for a comedy, but the dampening humor result in it being kind of lost.

However, we knew exactly what to expect from this movie. A romance. We get that. I still have many faults I can state but is it necessary to do so ? Not at all. Do I recommend this movie ? Yes, I definitely do. I think too will re-watch it. Being a critic isn’t making a pro and cons list. Being a critic is to determine whether the audience will have a good time at the cinema hall. And from what I saw, I think hell yeah, you will. This is one of the romantic comedies where the characters are not entirely governed by their genitals, they seem to care for each other. That’s pretty much enough, ain’t it ?

P.S. The soundtrack is beautiful

 Rating : 7.9 / 10


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