American Graffiti Review

With college so nigh, I am doing what probably all my other colleagues are doing right now, fretting about the uncertain future and remembering the days of stability and security of high school. While on this futile journey of nostalgia, I have come across a truth about myself which on the whole doesn’t seem to fit with the perception I have of myself as a person. What I have realized is I don’t miss high school. One bit.

Today, I visited my school for a reunion of sorts. As I went through this swarm of people who I had spent almost twelve years of life with, I have never felt so alienated in my entire life. Adults reminisce about high school quite fondly, some wishing more than anything else to go back to those days. On the contrary, I realize what an exercise in futility it all was – wasting time learning stuff I would never use, making friends who haven’t had half the decency to call me in almost three months. But, there is something valuable that lingers on – moments.

Moments that I have collected throughout my school years are treasures for when every single one of them was materializing, it felt as if my life wouldn’t be the same after them. That’s what makes American Graffiti so relatable in contrast to Dazed & Confused. Coming from a country where parents are more conservative than religions in question, the focus Lucas has on how the characters consider a fleeting image of a beautiful blonde whispering something a life-changing moment really hits me.

The reason why American Graffiti seems so endearing is without a doubt its characters, all seemingly clueless about their life. When it ended, there was nothing more I wanted to do than go to these and characters and whisper in their ears that they would have all the perspective they want in a month or two.

Maybe this isn’t much of a review, but it should read as one, a highly positive one considering how personal the impact of this movie is. And in the end, Lucas leaves us with a word of wisdom. For me, it was that nostalgia is a dirty liar that insists things were better than they. For lots of others, it was that nostalgia is an ephemeral composition of disjointed memories. Basically saying, if you are on a date, and you grin while your girlfriend looks grim when the credits roll, you guys have some serious thinking to do.



Badlands Review

Dear friend, I want you imagine a field with no end. So you start running in this field. You are running to get to its end, but as I said before, it has no end. So after hours and hours and hours of running, you stop because you start to realize there is no end to this field and well, because you have ran a hell lot. Simply put, you stop because you are TIRED and HOPELESS. Well, sorry for the spoiler, but I just described Badlands for you.

In Badlands, Terrence Malick sends of two individuals (they do not qualify to be called lovers) on a run, that later becomes apparent, both of them do not want to go on. At least, not with each other.

Cinematic plots are, in most cases, unrealistic scenarios if you take out the characters. This is because it is the characters and their convictions that give a viewer a desire to pursue the plot. In Badlands, there is a dreadful hollowness to every character. The crimes of Kit and Holly are shrouded by an inexplicable banality and their love for each other a mere farce. Yet, they carry along. Why ? We do not know. Worse, we never know.

As a cinephile, I know it is not fair to criticize a movie from the start to the end. I won’t disagree, although the movie is never intriguing, nor is it never boring and the cinematography is breath-taking.

However, honestly speaking, I cannot even think of loving a movie which starts and ends without a purpose. Halfway through the journey, even Holly admits she is wary of it. When the central protagonist herself has had enough of the journey, how the hell can anyone in their right mind expect a viewer to give a rat’s ass ?

From the moment it started till the moment it ended, Badlands left me devoid of any feeling. For me, that’s the worst kind of movie. I would prefer hating a movie rather than feel nothing about one.

RATING : 3.9 / 10


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