Sing Street Review

All the real-critics, I mean the ones that actually have the privilege of going to paid screenings and review every movie that hits the theatres wait for a movie that blows them away throughout the year. This movie is found seldom, after sitting through an inconceivable amount of shite. But, it’s that feeling one has after watch a truly great movie, that incommunicable mix of emotions that keeps them going. I, on the other hand, watch only classics on my computer, which you might think is better because I can afford the luxury of steering clear from all the bad movies (and the reason why there are so many positive reviews on my blog). However, I differ on this issue. As my day is filled with watching only classics, that feeling of blown away becomes more limited to me for I am impressed by almost all the movies. That is why Sing Street is special to me. I don’t often get to use this phrase, and to be honest, due to much fault of mine for I am pretty miserly in that respect, I can truly say, I was blown away after watching Sing Street.

Conor Lawlor is a teenager struck in the middle of poverty-stricken Ireland and the new age of music videos. He has a crush on an aspiring model, and wants to get her number. He puts the pretence that it is contact her for a music video of the band he is a part of. Works very well for him, to be honest. However, he now realises there is one daunting task before him, to put a band.

Many a times I have felt art is in a state of oneness, for when two or more of them converge, it only helps in enhancing the experience. When music meets cinema, it is pure magic and who better to capture that magic effortlessly than the Quentin Tarantino of the musical genre, John Carney. Carney weaved magic with his movies, Once and Begin Again which are very dear to me, and as is their music. The problem with most musicals is that the music itself is abominable. All who have watched Carney’s movies will admit that regardless of whether they liked the movie or not (which they did), they will end up buying the soundtrack. Sing Street has beautiful songs, which I am pretty sure I will be humming to for the years to come.

Teenage innocence and music beautifully coalesce to form an act veering towards redemption in Sing Street. Carney creates winsome characters here, and we genuinely care about their lives and aspirations. Sing Street is at its heart, an underdog story but considering the aggregate amount of those stories Hollywood has churned out to market on our feelings, it is a bonzer of a feeling to have a genuine one. The characters here seem to be genuinely passionate about their dreams, and why not, it is their only shot at redemption. There is a maximally beautiful sequence where Cosmo and Raphina are travelling on a ferry and a boat to England passes by them, with people waving at them. It adds nothing to the narrative, but is the fleeting images of the dreams and ambitions of the characters floating by them, so close yet so distant. It is visual poetry.

Sing Street is an orgasm to the ears. Rarely do you get a soundtrack which paints the entire plot of the movie and roars with the ardour of its characters. That is what Sing Street is about, and I guess what will make it so relatable to each individual who watches it, it is about a bunch of characters who just want to be heard.

RATING : 9.5 / 10


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