Katy Perry – Part of Me Review

Katy Perry is one of my favourite singers. ‘Firework’ inspires me every time I hear it and ‘Not Like The Movies’ is the most romantic song I have ever heard and her tour documentary ‘Katy Perry-Part Of Me’ is one of my favourite movies.

The movie is a documentary but it works as a stirring dramatic musical. It has got the persona of Singin’  In The Rain and the charm of Perry herself. We expect the movie to be just about the tour but the tour just made her and the audience revisit her entire life. And it works like hell !

I think a great movie should feel like a documentary, that no one should comprehend that this didn’t really happen. It should blur the lines of motion picture and reality. And I think a great documentary should feel like a movie. We should forget that a real incident is being depicted with real footage. And Part Of Me did just that. It is a 900-page book about Katy Perry encompassed in a single movie. There is nothing more to know about Katy once you have watched the movie. Rarely do movies work like that.

First of all, the camera work is fabulous and the whole movie is played out like a Wes Anderson movie with music and vibrant imagery, just like Katy Perry wants it – like a fairy tale. In one of the scenes she says her live is like a fairy tale. The movie plays out like that. There is a beautiful beginning, then darkness clouds the heroine’s life and then the light shows up culminating into a happy ending.

This is what a character study should be like. I think more than a documentary about her life and the tour, it is much more an effort to decode this pop icon and her life and how she attained her stardom. It also works as an inspirational movie, Katy’s journey from rags to rich is ever-inspiring.

She addresses every aspect of her life and more than that, this movie works also as a musical. Every situation of her life is conveyed through a song of the same nature which doesn’t make the scene or song a disruption, it moves along with perfect harmony, complementing and enhancing each other’s effect.

Around the climax, Katy performs Firework and after the performances she is seen gasping her breath and saying something. It is inaudible but it leaves an aching effect on the heart. That moment stays with you and towards the end you realise you are with her gasping for breath, smiling and applauding. Katy Perry says her dream is to sing with people singing with her and them leaving with tears in their eyes and a smile on their face. Whether you find it great like me or not, it doesn’t matter, there will be a smile on your face. Katy achieves what she set out to do.

Katy Perry – Part Of Me is a great movie with beautiful music and brilliant camera work and whether you approach it as a musical drama, or as a documentary, or simply as a Katy Perry fan, you are gonna love it. No need to be a Perry fan, this movie is going to make one out of you. Definitely a must watch.

Rating : 9.4 / 10

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